Full Body vs Workout Split

Full Body vs Workout Split

When working out you will see people at the gym doing different routines. Some people choose to train their entire body every time they go and others will choose just 1-2 bodyparts and train only that for the day. There are pros and cons of each method that we will go over in this article.

Full body training is great because you hit the muscles more frequency. Typically you will train 3-4 days a week and hit each muscle group during your training session. The downside of full body training? You can’t hit the muscles from different angles. On top of this, it is hard to train at a high intensity since you dont have much time to recover.

Full body workouts are best suited for beginners and intermediates. As well as drug free athletes.

Split training is awesome because you get to destroy that muscle group for an entire workout. You hit the muscle from every single angle and you can switch up the reps/sets. Go heavy, go light. One issue with split training is lack of frequency. If you think about it, with only once a week with a muscle group, you are only training that muscle 52 times in a year.

Our opinion? The best way is to do a hybrid called upper/lower. With this you hit your upper body in one workout and then your lower body in another. This way you get the frequency and the intensity.